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Welcome to Soha Spa & Wellness, where we offer a specialized acne treatment in Gaithersburg to help you achieve clear, radiant skin. Our expert estheticians use the renowned Face Reality Skincare brand for a deep pore-cleansing experience, targeting blackheads and acne-prone skin. Our unique combination of extraction, salicylic acid, calming mask, and high-frequency current offers a comprehensive solution to combat acne and promote skin health.

Results with Acne Treatment

Our acne treatment has been proven to deliver noticeable results in improving the appearance of acne-prone skin. After just one treatment, you can expect a reduction in the size and redness of existing acne lesions and a decrease in the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. You can achieve clearer, smoother, and more radiant skin with consistent treatments. We provide personalized skincare recommendations and tips to maintain your results between treatments.

“I got a deep cleansing facial for the first time & Talia was great! She was very sweet & knowledgeable! She gave me great insight on how to treat my skin and a proper skin routine to fit my needs! I loved my facial it was very relaxing, highly recommend!”

-Dominique J.

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Commonly Treated Areas:

  • Face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and jawline)
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Upper arms

For any further questions regarding which areas can be addressed with acne treatment in Gaithersburg, contact our office today.

The Benefits of Acne Treatment at Soha Spa & Wellness:

  • Deeply cleanses pores and removes impurities
  • Reduces the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Clears existing acne lesions and prevents future breakouts
  • Decreases inflammation and redness associated with acne
  • Improves skin texture and promotes a smoother complexion
  • Can boost self-confidence and overall well-being
  • Tailored to your individual skin concerns and needs
  • Uses high-quality, effective skincare products and technology
  • Provides a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience
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How Acne Treatment Works

We take a comprehensive approach to address the root cause of acne. We start with a deep cleansing of the pores to remove impurities and congestion, which can contribute to blackheads and whiteheads. We use a combination of extended extractions and salicylic acid pore renewal treatment to target existing acne lesions and prevent future breakouts.

Our calming mask after extractions helps to soothe and hydrate the skin, reducing any redness or inflammation. We also use a high-frequency current during the treatment, which has a disinfectant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and tissue-stimulating effect. This can reduce inflammation and promote healing, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best following acne treatment in Gaithersburg.

Our expert estheticians work with you to tailor the treatment to your individual needs and concerns, ensuring you get the best possible results. Furthermore, we use Face Reality Skincare products because they have a proven track record with acne treatments. With regular treatment, you can expect a significant improvement in the appearance and health of your skin.

Why Soha Spa & Wellness for Acne Treatment?

Soha Spa & Wellness is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality skincare and spa services to help you look and feel your best. Our experienced and licensed estheticians use the latest techniques to deliver customized treatments that address your concerns and needs. With our acne treatment, you can achieve clearer, healthier, and more radiant skin. When you call to schedule your appointment we can let you know what to expect before, during, and after treatment. It’s important to be informed so you are prepared and can experience the best possible results from your acne treatment in Gaithersburg.

Woman with smooth skin after acne treatment in Gaithersburg.

What to Expect

Before Treatment:

  • Avoid using exfoliating products or treatments for 24-48 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning beds for one week prior to your appointment
  • Do not use retinol or prescription acne medications for one week prior to your appointment (unless directed otherwise by your healthcare provider)
  • Inform your provider if you have a history of bleeding disorders
  • Inform your provider if you are taking any blood-thinning medications
  • Inform your provider of any allergies or sensitivities you may have
  • Arrive at your appointment with a clean face, free of any makeup or skincare products

During Treatment:

  • We cleanse your face to remove dirt or makeup
  • We perform a skin analysis to curate a personalized treatment plan
  • We perform deep pore cleansing and extractions to remove impurities and congestion
  • We apply a salicylic acid pore renewal treatment to target existing acne lesions
  • A calming mask will be applied after extractions to soothe and hydrate your skin
  • High-frequency current will be used to disinfect, decongest, and reduce inflammation
  • We provide personalized skincare recommendations to maintain your results
  • Acne treatment in Gaithersburg typically lasts 60-75 minutes, depending on your skin’s needs

After Treatment:

  • Avoid using exfoliating products or treatments for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning beds for at least one week
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer as needed
  • Avoid picking at any areas where extractions were performed
  • Follow any personalized skincare recommendations provided by your esthetician
  • Schedule regular follow-up appointments to maintain your results
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Acne Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What causes regular acne breakouts?

Acne breakouts can occur due to various factors, including excess oil production, clogged pores, inflammation, and bacteria. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, and certain medications can also contribute to acne breakouts. Proper skincare, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can help prevent breakouts and promote clear, healthy skin.

How can I maintain acne-free skin?

Maintaining acne-free skin requires a consistent skincare routine, including gentle cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Avoiding touching your face, using non-comedogenic products, and protecting your skin from sun damage can also help prevent breakouts. After your acne treatment in Gaithersburg, our providers will offer aftercare guidelines and lifestyle recommendations to minimize the risk of future acne breakouts.

How often should I schedule follow-up appointments?

The frequency of follow-up appointments for acne treatment depends on the severity of your acne and the results of your initial treatment. Generally, follow-up appointments are recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain the results and address new concerns. Our expert estheticians will create a personalized treatment plan with a recommended follow-up schedule to achieve your skincare goals.

Can acne treatment be performed on sensitive skin?

Yes, acne treatment can be performed on sensitive skin. However, our estheticians will evaluate your skin and choose the most appropriate products and techniques to minimize potential irritation. We also recommend informing your esthetician of known sensitivities or allergies before treatment.

Is there any downtime after an acne treatment?

There is no downtime after acne treatment. However, you may experience mild redness or sensitivity after the treatment. This should subside within a few hours. However, you must avoid using harsh or abrasive products on your skin, and protect your skin from excessive sun exposure for at least 24-48 hours after your acne treatment in Gaithersburg.

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